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Dalian Maple Leaf International School
Guiding List

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is a Chinese firm that currently operates 20 schools in China enrolling more than 6,750 students.


Maple Leaf’s Schools provide quality educational programs by blending the best of East and West educational practices. Maple Leaf Schools prepare their students well for the global world of tomorrow.


Maple Leaf’s High School (Grade 10-12) programs and its Foreign Nationals Schools

(K-9) are taught in  English by British Columbia, Canada certified teachers. These programs are inspected and certified by British Columbia’s Ministry of Education. Grade 12 graduates receive both the Chinese and British Columbia graduation certificates.


As international students, who have completed a Western (British Columbia, Canada) high school program in English, graduates from Maple Leaf High Schools are actively recruited by Western universities.


More than 250 British Columbia, Canada certified teachers and certified TESL teachers are currently teaching in Maple Leaf Schools in China



Maple Leaf Schools are unique schools located in China that are actively recruiting and hiring approximately 75 British Columbia certified teachers per school year. If the experience of teaching British Columbia, Canada’s curriculum in English at a school in China is of interest to you, then this site provides information about this interesting opportunity.


Multicultural Experience

A rich opportunity for a multicultural experience in China teaching British Columbia’s curriculum in schools that blend the strengths of East and West.


Work with Many Professional Colleagues

An interesting opportunity to join a team of more than 200 teachers in China who are from North America and certified by British Columbia, Canada.


British Columbia Certified Schools

A unique opportunity to teach at schools in China where the schools’ programs are annually inspected on-site and certified by British Columbia’s Ministry of Education.


Teach Motivated Students

A great opportunity to teach and work with motivated students from China and several other countries.


Teach and Save Money

Due to low costs of living in China and numerous benefits provided by Maple Leaf Schools, teachers can save a substantial amount of money through working at Maple Leaf.




ESL teachers are required by Maple Leaf Schools. For the 2010-2011 school year, several teaching positions are available in Dalian Maple Leaf International School (elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and foreign nationals school). ESL teachers require a Bachelor’s degree. Also, a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certificate is preferred.



During the Teacher’s employment with the School, the ESL Teacher shall be entitled to receive the following remuneration for teaching a normal load of twenty-five classroom hours per week:

First Year:     A monthly salary of $1600 (CDN) for

                   twelve months (Sept–August) or $19,200 a year.

Second Year: A monthly salary of $1700 (CDN) for

                   twelve months (Sept–August) or $20,400 a year.

Third Year: A monthly salary of $1800 (CDN) for

                   twelve months (Sept–August) or $21,600 a year.

Fourth Year: A monthly salary of $1900 (CDN) for

                   twelve months (Sept–August) or $22,800 a year.

Five+ Year: A monthly salary of $2000 (CDN) for

                   twelve months (Sept–August) or $24,000 a year.

To view the academic teacher’s contract click here (secured access - password protected).



a.    Medical Insurance. The school will provide medical insurance for the ESL Teacher, and his/her spouse and dependent children living with him/her in China, through an internationally recognized insurance company (TieCare). The coverage is International Plus.

b.    Airfare. The School will provide annual return airfare from the point of hire (or equivalent distance maximum) to the city where the School is located for the Teacher and his/her spouse, if the ESL Teacher has worked at the School for a full school year. The School will also pay for one half of the return airfare costs for dependent children living with the Teacher in China, if the ESL Teacher has worked at the School for a full school year.

c.    Visa costs. The School will assist the ESL Teacher in obtaining a working visa.

d.    Excess Baggage. The School will arrange delivery to China of two boxes (totalling a maximum of 4 cubic feet) of School teaching materials. The boxes must be delivered to Maple Leaf’s Vancouver office by the first week of August.

e.    Teacher Investment Plan. Teachers entering a third year of employment with Maple Leaf will receive an additional 3% of their salary contributed to a Teacher Investment Plan for them by Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Maple Leaf’s contribution rises by 1% per year of service to a maximum of 10% for ten or more years. Teachers may also contribute to their Teacher Investment Plan account.


Housing Accommodation

The School where the ESL Teacher is employed will provide furnished housing at no cost to the ESL Teacher. The ESL Teacher will pay for utilities. Apartment provisions will vary from school to school. Details may be obtained from each particular school.




Dalian Maple Leaf International School


Miss Luo or Miss Tan


0086-411-84332821 / 84331534 / 87900528



0086-411-84330737 / 87900677






No. 78 Caiyun Road, Xigang District,Dalian, China 116013

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